Dr Stanley Thian-Sze WONG 黃天仕

Dr Stanley Thian-Sze WONG 黃天仕

Dr Stanley Thian Sze WONG

Assistant Professor

  • BSc, PhD, LLM(Arbitration & Dispute Resolution), JD(CUHK)
  • Head and neck Surgery
  • Ear, nose and throat/ Plastic and reconstructive surgery

Head and neck cancer is a malignancy with poor prognosis and high recurrence rate. Particular head and neck cancer such as throat cancer (encompasses hypopharyngeal and laryngeal cancer) is more prevalent in the disadvantaged group. Head and neck regions contain many essential sensory organs. Cancer arising in this region would incur irreparable functional damage. The primary research interest of Dr. Stanley Thian-Sze Wong’s group is to explore and identify novel molecular target for use in early head and neck cancer diagnosis and target treatment. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are required for advanced disease treatment. Usually, treatment failure is caused by the development of resistant phenotype. Hence, another focus of our team is on the prediction of resistant phenotype in order to individualise treatment strategy for this subgroup of patients. Dr. Wong is interested in exploring new therapeutic regimes that could minimise the side effects and toxicity acquired during the course of intensive head and neck cancer treatment. Removal of cancers in head and neck regions could lead to functional and appearance defects. Head and neck reconstruction and proper wound healing are essential for patients receiving neck dissection. Thus, Dr. Wong’s team also explores the potential of using epithelial stem cells and skin tissue engineering technique in wound healing treatment.

  • Head and neck Surgery
  • Pathology of head and neck cancers
  • Target therapeutic regime for head and neck cancers
  • Epithelial stem cells
  • Skin tissue engineering and wound healing treatment

Publications and achievements
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