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Breast Surgery

Contact phone number: 2255 4773
Fax number: 2817 2291


Division Chief
  • Dr. Ava KWONG
    Division Chief
    Clinical Associate Professor
    Assistant Dean
    MBBS(Lon), BSc (St Andrews), PhD, FRCS, FRCS(Edin), FCSHK, FHKAM (Surgery)

  • Dr. Dacita To-Ki SUEN

  • Dr. Clement Tzu-Hsin CHEN
    Associate Consultant
    MBChB, MMedSc, FRCSEd, FCSHK, FHKAM(Surgery)

  • Dr. Bonita Hor-Kee MARK
    Associate Consultant
    MBBS, MRCS(Edin), FRCS(Ed), FCSHK, FHKAM(Surgery)

  • Dr. Michael Tiong-Hong CO
    Assistant Professor
    MBBS, MRCS, FRCS (Edin), FCSHK, FHKAM (Surgery)

  • Dr. Vivian Chi-Mei MAN
    Resident (Specialist)

  • Ms. Suk-Ching LAM
    Ward Manager
    RN, ET, FHKAN (Surgery), Diploma (Surgical Nursing), Diploma (ET Nursing),
    B. Nurs (Hon), Master of Health Management

  • Miss Winner CHENG
    Advanced Practice Nurse
    RN, BN(Bachelor of Nursing), Graduate Diploma in Advanced Nursing, Cert(Oncology Nursing),
    PRCC(Intensive Care Nursing), Specialty Nurse(Intensive Care Nursing)

  • Ms. Mun-Yee CHUNG
    Advanced Practice Nurse
    RN, BS(Nursing studies)

  • Miss Ling WONG
    Advanced Practice Nurse
    RN, MSN(Advanced Practice), Diploma(Nursing in Traditional Chinese Medicine), Cert(Breast Care
    Nursing),Cert(Upper Arm Lymphedema), Cert(Cancer Risk Assessment), Cert(Psycho-Oncology), Cert(Wound Course), Cert(Breast Self Examination Trainer)

  • Ms. Nga-Yee LAM
    Breast Nurse
    RN, High Diploma in Nursing

  • Ms. Wai-Fan NG
    Registered Nurse
    Bachelor of Nursing (Hon), PRCC (Burn Care Nursing),
    Diploma (Nursing in Traditional Chinese Medicine),
    Master of Nursing, Certified Lymphedema Therapist

  • Ms. So-Tsit NIP
    RN, BN, PRCC (Breast Care Nursing)



  • Dr. Catherine SABALO
    Honorary Clinical Associate


  • Dr. Jude MERCADO
    GB Ong Visiting Fellow

  • Dr. Melanie D. CRUZ
    Honorary Clinical Associate


  • Dr. Kejin WU
    Dr. Cheng Yu Tung Fellow


  • Dr. Louis AGUSTIN
    Honorary Clinical Associate

  • Dr. Chris CHAN
    Honorary Associate Professor

  • Dr. Mei-Hui SHAN
    Dr. Cheng Yu Tung Visiting Fellow

  • Dr. Joseph NORIEGA
    Honorary Clinical Associate


  • Dr. Carmela PONFERRADA
    Honorary Clinical Associate


  • Dr. Hui HU
    Clinical Associate

Laboratory and Research Staff

  • Dr. Vivian Yvonne SHIN
    Research Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Annie Tsz-Wai CHU
    Research Officer

  • Dr. Chris TL CHAN
    Honorary Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Gary Jiawei CHEN
    Post-doctoral Fellow

  • Dr. Isabella Wai-Yin CHEUK
    Post-doctoral Fellow

  • Ms. Jessica Ling-Fun LO
    Senior Research Nurse

  • Ms. Jessica Lai-Yan WONG
    Research Nurse

  • Ms. Jennifer Man-Ting SIU
    Research Assistant

  • Ms. Yetta Wing-Yin YEUNG
    Research Assistant

  • Ms. Gloria Ka-Po YIU
    Research Assistant

  • Mr. Leo Chun-Yu NG
    Research Assistant

  • Ms. Cathy Po-Yan WONG
    Clerical Assistant

  • Mr. Wing-Bun CHUNG
    Senior Technical Officer (Part-time)
  • Ms. Yuk-Har KOO
    Phlebotomist (Part-time)

Postgraduate Students

  • Mr. John HO


  1. Outpatient service
    • Public: by referral
      • Benign Breast Clinic, Queen Mary Hospital (Monday am)
      • High Risk Breast Cancer and Genetics Clinic (Wednesday am & pm)
      • Breast Oncology and Research Clinic, Tung Wah Hospital (Thursday am & pm)
      • Breast Oncology Clinic by Dr Roland Leung
        • at Queen Mary Hospital (Monday am)
        • at Tung Wah Hospital (Tuesday pm and Thursday am & pm)
      • New Case Clinic
        • at Queen Mary Hospital (Friday pm)
        • at Tung Wah Hospital (Wednesday am & pm and Thursday am & pm)
      • Post-operative Nurse Clinic, Tung Wah Hospital (Monday am)
    • Private: by appointments
      • Queen Mary Hospital (Monday and Friday)
  2. Clinical service
    • Diagnostics: Ultrasound and stereotactic guided biopsy including vacuum assisted biopsy
    • Benign disease: Day surgical operation for benign breast lesions
    • HIFU treatment for Benign Breast tumor and lipofilling
    • Intensive Surveillance for High Risk Families
    • Malignant disease:
      • Breast conservation surgery including oncoplastic surgery
      • Mastectomy
      • Sentinel lymph node biopsy
      • Minimal invasive intervention for breast cancer (cryoablation)
      • Breast reconstruction for patients with breast cancer
      • Preoperative neoadjuvant chemotherapy for locally advanced cancer
      • Preoperative neoadjuvant hormonal therapy for locally advanced cancer
      • Postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy and hormonal therapy
      • Chemotherapy for metastatic disease
      • Clinical trials recruitment for suitable cancer patients
      • Advanced surgical techniques in breast surgery


  • Breast and ovarian cancer genetics and epigenetics
  • Clinical trials in oncological treatment of breast cancer patients
  • Breast Density
  • Breast imaging (MRI, PET Scan, Intensive Surveillance)
  • Psychosocial issues in Breast Cancer Management
  • Partial Breast Radiation
  • Molecular Profiling and gene signatures
  • Biomarkers in breast and ovarian cancer
  • Breast epidemiological studies

The Division of Breast Surgery is open to take in Mphil or phD students for both basic and translational research and also clinical research including psychosocial studies in the area of breast cancer.

For further information to contact


The Division offers fellowship attachments for surgeons who are interested in training to become a breast surgeon/surgical oncologist. Fellows will have the opportunity to expose to surgical procedures including oncoplastic surgery, oncology clinics, high risk assessment and genetics clinic, radiological intervention, multi-disciplinary approach to management of breast disease and also laboratory based work. For further information please contact Dr. Ava Kwong via email:

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