The Digby Memorial Lecture was initiated by the Department of Surgery in 1969, in honour of Professor Kenelm Hutchison Digby, to invite speakers of eminence within and outside medicine to deliver a distinguished lecture in their area of excellence. Professor KH Digby was the first to make academic and professional contributions to surgery in Hong Kong. He held the Chair of Surgery at The University of Hong Kong from 1923 to 1945. Past speakers of the Lecture series include such luminaries as Sir Harry Fang, Mr. Vincent Cheng, Mr. Norman Chan, Professor Masatoshi Makuuchi, and more.

This prestigious event is held in the Underground Lecture Theatre, New Clinical Building in Queen Mary Hospital. A Black-tie Dinner in honour of the orator follows the oration.

Year Orator Topic

16 May


Prof. Xiang Zhang, Hong Kong

Creating Material that Do Not Exist in Nature: From Invisibility Cloak to Super Lens Imaging

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13 Apr


Mr. Frederick S. Ma, Hong Kong

The Grey Swan Crisis: Our Aging Population

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08 Apr


Mr. Jack C.K. So, Hong Kong

Keep Hong Kong Flying High

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08 Apr


Dr. Allan Zeman, Hong Kong

Turning I Wish into I Will – The Future of Hong Kong

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10 Apr


Mr. Norman T.L. Chan, Hong Kong 

Who Would Mortgage Their Children

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17 Jan


Dr. Sze-Tong Chan, Hong Kong 

The Surgeon as Humanitarian

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04 Jan


Dr. Wing-Man Ko, Hong Kong 

Health Reform - A Balancing Act

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14 Jan


Mr. Anthony T.Y. Wu, Hong Kong  A Recipe for Disaster Leadership

22 Jan


Mr. Philip N.L. Chen, Hong Kong  Great Cities 

09 Jan


Professor Edward K.Y. Chen, Hong Kong
A New Global Economy After The Financial Tsunami 

12 Jul


Mr. John C.C. Chan, Hong Kong  Customer Service and The Medical Profession 

13 Jul


Professor York Chow, Hong Kong  Surgical Approaches and Public Administration 

08 Jul


Mr. Vincent Cheng, Hong Kong  What's Ailing Asia - One Banker's Perspective 
2005  Dr. Victor Fung, Hong Kong  Nurturing Our Future Generations 
2004  Dr. Alice Lam, Hong Kong  High Education - Changes and Opportunities 
2003  Dr. William Ho, Hong Kong
Reflections on SARS - Both Sides Now 
2002  Professor Thomas R. Russell, U.S.A  The Globalisation of Surgical Care: The American College of Surgeons' Role 
2001  Professor Masatoshi Makuuchi, Japan  Problem of Liver Transplantation in Asia And Their Solutions 
Professor Sir Harry Fang, Hong Kong
The Knife is not Enough
1999 Professor Che-Hung Leong, Hong Kong The Hong Kong Surgeons in the New Millennium
Dr. Kah-Leong Thong, Hong Kong
Medical and Health System with Special Reference to Hong Kong
Professor James B. Gibson, Hong Kong
Primary Cancers of The Liver
Professor F.J. Gillingham, U.K.
The Surgical Management of Ruptured Intracranial Aneurysms - A Thirty-Year Study


Professor Henry Ngan, Hong Kong
Radiology of The Liver - From a Local Viewpoint


Professor Sir Edward S.R. Hughes, Australia
Which Surgeons?


Dr. George Choa, Hong Kong
Surgical Management of Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media


Dr. K.C. McKeown, U.K.
Surgical Treatment of Cancer of the Oesophagus
Professor Brian Lofts, Hong Kong
Testicular Function: A Comparative Viewpoint


Professor H.W. Scott, U.S.A
The Surgical Management of Patients With Morbid Obesity


Professor Hung-Chiu Ho, Hong Kong

The Epidemiology of Nasopharyngeal Carcinom

Dr. H.B. Torrance, U.K.

Modern Trends in the Surgery of the Biliary Tract And Pancreas


Professor Daphne Chun, Hong Kong

Choriocarcinoma in Hong Kong

1972  Professor W.C. MacKenzie, Canada

Surgery in the Undergraduate Medical Curriculum: To Be or Not To Be?


Dr. Tiaw-Bee Teoh, Hong Kong

The Pathologist and Surgical Pathology of Head and Neck Tumours

1969 Professor Sir John Bruce, U.K.

Retrospect and Prospect: Reflections on Surgical Practice and Education