Department of Surgery of the University of Hong Kong

About The Department

Our Vision
The Department of Surgery aspires to be a world leader in research, education and healthcare.
Our Mission
To strive for the highest standards of teaching of students and doctors, clinical and basic research, and delivery of patient care, and in so doing, to be recognised in Hong Kong and internationally, as a world class Department of Surgery.

The history of surgery in Hong Kong for more than a century has been intricately linked with the development of surgery and surgical education at the Department of Surgery of the University of Hong Kong and its predecessor institution, the Hong Kong College of Medicine. The following personalities led the surgical department since the inception of the Hong Kong College of Medicine:

1888 - 1889

Professor G.P. Jordan

1889 - 1896

Professor (Sir) J. Cantlie

1896 - 1897

Professor J.C. Thompson

1897 - 1905

Professor A. Rennie

1905 - 1912

Professor W.V.M. Koch

1915 - 1945

Professor K.H. Digby

1945 - 1948

Professor J. Cray (acting)

1948 - 1963

Professor F.E. Stock

1964 - 1982

Professor G.B. Ong

1983 - 2008

Professor J. Wong

2008 - 2011

Professor S.T. Fan

2011 - 2017

Professor C.M. Lo

2017 - Present

Professor S.W.K. Cheng

These prominent incumbents have made considerable contributions and impact to the development and progress of the department. A special mention must be made of Professors James Cantlie and K.H. Digby who "built the foundation", Professor Ong who put "Hong Kong on the world map", and Professor Wong who "brought the world to Hong Kong". The record of their lives and achievement will need many volumes of biographies.

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Tung Wah Hospital Gleneagles Hospital The University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital