In 2001, the Department of Surgery, The University of Hong Kong, initiated the Distinguished Lectures series with speakers of eminence in Surgery and other medical and related fields. It is established also to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of The University of Hong Kong. The first orator was Professor William I. Wei and the inauguration, and subsequent ones, were outstanding success. The reaction of the packed auditorium to the Lectures was one of unanimous approval.

This prestigious event is held in the Underground Lecture Theatre, New Clinical Building in Queen Mary Hospital. A Black-tie Dinner in honour of the orator follows the oration.

Date Orator Lecture Title

13 January


Professor Chak-Sing LAU
Dean, LKS Faculty of Medicine
Chair & Daniel CK Yu Professor in Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology
The University of the Hong Kong

Disruptions in Medicine

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14 Sept


Professor Sophia CHAN
Secretary for Food and Health 
Food and Health Bureau
The Government of the Hong Kong SAR

Our Health Care System: The Best Is Yet To Come

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10 Nov


Professor Wai-Lun LAW
Anthony and Anne Cheung Professor in
Innovative and Minimally Invasive Surgery
The University of Hong Kong

Sphincter Preservation: 
A Never Ending Battle

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23 Sep


Professor Raymond LIANG
Emeritus Professor
Department of Medicine
Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine,
The University of Hong Kong
Assistant Medical Superintendent and
Director of Comprehensive Oncology Centre
Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital

Fighting Cancer: A Winning Battle?

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17 Oct


Dr. Walton LI
Medical Superintendent
Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital

Health Care Systems in Evolution

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18 OcT


Professor Ronnie TP POON
Suen Chi-Sun Professor in Surgery
Chair of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery
The University of Hong Kong

Slaying the Hydra: 
Liver Cancer Beyond the Scalpel

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19 Oct


Professor Simon LAW
Cheung Kung-Hai Professor in Gastrointestinal Surgery
The University of Hong Kong

A Century of Esophageal Surgery: Challenges, Progress, and Culinary Delights

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28 Oct


Professor Sum-Ping LEE
Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine
The University of Hong Kong

Romancing the Gallstone


15 Oct


Professor Paul KH TAM
Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Research)
Chair of Paediatric Surgery
The University of Hong Kong

Surgery in the 21st Century:
Chopsticks, Chips and Prometheus



13 Nov


Professor Stephen WK CHENG
Serena HC Yang Professor of Vascular Surgery
The University of Hong Kong

Progress, Innovation and Evolution:
A Vascular Surgery Odyssey    


21 Nov


Professor Chung-Mau LO
Chin Lan Hong Professor in Hepatobiliary and
Pancreatic Surgery
The University of Hong Kong

Liver Transplantation - The Titanic Story


30 Nov


Professor Grace TANG
Hong Kong Academy of Medicine 
Professor of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
The University of Hong Kong

Medical Education:
An Uphill Battle or a Matter of Course?


3 Nov


Dr. David FANG
Medical Superintendent
St. Paul's Hospital 
Past Chairman
HKSAR Health and Medical Development Advisory Committee

Sustainable Healthcare for Hong Kong


28 Oct


Dr. John KC CHAN
Consultant Pathologist and 
Director of Anatomical Pathology 
Queen Elizabeth Hospital 
Hospital Authority

Tumours: Nomenclature, Classification, Legacy and Vanguard



24 Nov


Professor Kwok Yung YUEN
Henry Fok Professor in Infectious Diseases 
The University of Hong Kong

Three Decades of Emerging Infections

18 Nov 


Professor Sheung-Tat FAN
Sun Chieh Yeh Chair of Hepatobiliary Surgery
The University of Hong Kong

The Price of a Liver

05 Oct 


Professor William I WEI
William Mong Professor of Otorhinolaryngology
The University of Hong Kong 
Nasopharyngeal Cancer:
From Myth to Reality