Clinical Services

Breast Surgery

The Department of Surgery has clinical responsibilities for three network hospitals in Hong Kong, viz. Queen Mary Hospital, Tung Wah Hospital and the Duchess of Kent Children’s Hospital. Across the harbour, Kwong Wah Hospital is also one of our network hospitals. Acute and convalescent services in all branches of surgery at the world’s highest level are provided.

We have made notable achievements in treating illnesses that are prevalent in East Asia, such as liver diseases, oesophageal cancer and nasopharyngeal cancer. The mortality rates for complex elective cancer operations are at or near zero, and we are continually improving patient recovery time and comfort. In 1991, we started the Liver Transplantation Programme in Hong Kong. Within a few years, we pioneered right-liver living donor liver transplantation with very good patient outcomes. Leading liver centres from around the world have adopted the technique. The Department is also renowned for gastrointestinal, otorhinolaryngeal, paediatric and vascular surgery.