Francis Y.H Tien Vascular Centre

Francis Y.H Tien Vascular Centre
The Centre

The Francis Y. H. Tien Vascular Centre is dedicated to providing professional health care for patients with arterial and venous disorders. Our mission is to promote disease awareness, facilitate rehabilitation, and conduct vascular medicine research. For each patient, we offer diagnosis and specialized treatment of vascular diseases following careful consultation and appropriate diagnostic examinations. The Centre is backed by a well-equipped vascular laboratory, where over 2,000 non-invasive examinations are performed annually.

Diagnostic Procedures

Diagnosis of vascular diseases is facilitated by non-invasive examinations such as colour-flow duplex ultrasound and air-plethysmography. Find out the spectrum of assessment available at the vascular laboratory.

Vascular Diseases

With an aging population and unhealthy living habits , the number of people with vascular diseases continues to rise in Hong Kong. Find out some of the preventive measures and management for such problems.

Vascular Centre Services
  • Consultation clinics
  • Peripheral vascular system diagnostics
  • Patient counselling and risk assessment screening
Contact Information
Address: 14/F South, Block K, Queen Mary Hospital, Hong Kong
Telephone: (852) 2255 4969
Fax: (852) 2255 4967