Private Clinic

Department of Surgery, The University of Hong Kong

The Cheung Lun Premier Surgery Clinic of Department of Surgery is a comprehensive clinic offering expert care in different surgical specialties. All consultations are seen by specialists in their respective field of surgery.

The specialists attending this clinic are competent and experienced with renowned reputation in their field of specialization. They are either Professors of The University of Hong Kong or Consultants of Queen Mary Hospital. They are committed to offer the highest level of surgical care to their patients.

The dedicated nursing and clerical staff also provide a high-quality service in a warm and caring environment.


There are 4 consultation rooms in the Private Clinic, a special ENT consultation room and a minor operation room which caters for minor surgical procedures.


Range of specialist services provided:

Cheung Lun Premier Surgery Clinic QMH J1 Private Clinic
Breast Surgery Prof. Ava KWONG ---
Colorectal Surgery Dr. Dominic Chi-Chung FOO ---
Endocrine Surgery --- ---
Esophageal and Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery Prof. Simon Ying-Kit LAW
Prof. Kent-Man CHU
Head & Neck Surgery --- Dr. Velda Ling-Yu CHOW
Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery Prof. Albert Chi-Yan CHAN
Prof. Tom Tan-To CHEUNG
Dr. Tiffany Cho-Lam WONG
Liver Transplantation Prof. Albert Chi-Yan CHAN
Prof. Tom Tan-To CHEUNG
Dr. Tiffany Cho-Lam WONG
Neurosurgery Prof. Gilberto Ka-Kit LEUNG

Dr. Wai-Man LUI 
Dr. Wilson Wai-Shing HO

Pediatric Surgery Prof. Kenneth Kak-Yuen WONG
Dr. Patrick Ho-Yu CHUNG
Dr. Ivy Hau-Yee CHAN
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery --- Dr. Velda Ling-Yu CHOW
Dr. Hon-Ping CHUNG
Thoracic Surgery Dr. Michael Kuan-Yew HSIN ---
Urology --- Dr. Ada Tsui-Lin NG
Dr. Brian Sze-Ho HO
Vascular Surgery Prof. Stephen Wing-Keung CHENG ---

Pre-operation anaesthetic consultation service is also available. It allows patients to have thorough preparation before their operation and to minimize the length of stay in the hospital.

Service Hours
Mondays to Fridays 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturdays 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Sundays and Public Holidays Closed

The fees are charged according to the Government Gazette:

First consultation: HKD 1,090 - 2,210
Follow up consultation: HKD 860 - 1,990

All treatments and investigations are individually charged.


Referral can be made directly to the Cheung Lun Premier Surgery Clinic at Queen Mary Hospital. A referral letter from a medical practitioner is generally necessary for most specialists. Please print the details of the patient’s name, date of birth, Hong Kong identity card number or travel document number and daytime contact telephone number on the referral letter and fax the referral letter to our Clinic for appointment booking.

We will inform you about the appointment as soon as possible.

For any enquiries please direct to:

Cheung Lun Premier Surgery Clinic
location Room 201, 2/F, Professorial Block,
Queen Mary Hospital
phone (852) 2255 4616
fax (852) 2255 5630
QMH J1 Private Clinic
location QMH J1 Private Clinic, 1/F, Block J,
Queen Mary Hospital
phone (852) 2255 5688
fax (852) 2255 5704