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Scope and Service

Our scope of service covers various ENT subspecialties including Otology, Rhinology, Laryngology, Paediatric ENT and Head and Neck Surgery in Queen Mary Hospital and Tung Wah Hospital. Besides, we have a comprehensive Audiology Team.

Rhinology and Sleep Disorders

Endoscopic sinus surgery has been the standard for treatment of nasal polyposis and chronic rhinosinusitis. In addition, we also perform endoscopic resection of sinonasal tumours, endoscopic nasopharyngectomy for recurrence of nasopharyngeal carcinoma, endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy and endoscopic decompression of thyroid eye disease. We have a comprehensive sleep service from diagnosis with sleep study to treatment including various sleep surgeries such as palatal surgeries, radiofrequency palatoplasty and tongue reduction surgeries.


We are one of the three Hospital Authority-supported cochlear implant centres in Hong Kong. Since 1989, we have conducted more than 300 adult and paediatric cochlear implantations. With the surgery done at an early age, children with congenital profound hearing loss can now achieve normal speech development and learning. Adult with hearing loss can return to work and even communicate on the phone. Other otologic surgeries are ossiculoplasty, mastoidectomy for cholesteatoma and endoscopic ear surgeries.


Working with a team of dedicated Speech therapists, we manage different voice disorders from office-based procedures such as injection laryngoplasty for vocal cord palsy, microlaryngeal surgeries to laser resection of laryngeal carcinomas. We have expanded our service in managing swallowing problems of head and neck cancer patients .

Paediatric ENT

Apart from managing common paediatric ENT diseases like allergic rhinitis, obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome and hearing impairment, we are managing different congenital airway diseases such as laryngomalacia, laryngeal stenosis, subglottic haemangiomas, laryngeal cysts and respiratory papillomatosis. We provide paediatric airway endoscopies and laser surgeries.

Head and Neck Surgery

Head and neck service includes treatment of carcinoma of the larynx, hypopharynx, oropharynx, tongue and all head & neck, skull base tumors.. We are a pioneer for the Maxillary Swing Nasopharyngectomy since 1989. Recent advances include Transoral Robotic Surgery for head and neck cancer resection and Robotic nasopharyngectomy


Our audiology team provides a wide range of hearing tests including neonatal hearing screening, paediatric hearing assessment, cochlear implant service, vestibular and tinnitus rehabilitation. We are also running an integrated nurse clinic for elderly hearing aid prescription.

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Division Chief

Dr. Birgitta Yee-Hang WONG        黃懿行


Honorary Clinical Associate Professor 

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Dr. Wai-Kuen HO
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Division Member Associate Consultant / Honorary Clinical Tutor Hospital Authority staff (852) 2255 2323  lll650@ha.org.hk
Dr. Niki Ho-Yee SUN
Division Member Associate Consultant / Honorary Clinical Assistant Professor Hospital Authority staff (852) 2255 2323  shy584@ha.org.hk
Professor Stephanie Nga-Sze WONG
Division Member Clinical Assistant Professor Academic staff (852) 2255 2208 snswong@hku.hk
Dr. Sylvia Suet-Ying YU
Division Member Associate Consultant / Honorary Clinical Assistant Professor Hospital Authority staff (852) 2255 2323  ysy745@ha.org.hk
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