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Scope and Service

The Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is dedicated to deliver the highest standard of care. The team comprises of experts who specializes in various fields of plastic and reconstructive surgery. As a tertiary referral centre, our team handles a wide range of conditions, both congenital and acquired, benign and malignant, not only for Hong Kong patients, but also for those from Asia and worldwide. We are also one of two major burn centres in the territory.

Areas of special interest include:

Congenital conditions
  • Cleft lip and palate
  • Microtia
  • Craniosynostosis
  • Vascular lesions
  • A cleft lip and palate centre was established in Queen Mary Hospital in 1991. We adopt a multi-disciplinary approach, comprising of plastic surgeons, dental surgeons, ENT surgeons and speech therapists.


    1. Unilateral cleft lip


    Pre-operation (A,B) and post-operation (C,D).

    2. Bilateral cleft lip

    Pre-operation (A) and post-operation (B).

    3. Microtia

    A. Pre-operation. B. Post-operation.

  • Major and minor burns
  • Flame / Electrical / Chemical Burns
  • Facial burn
  • Inhalational injury
  • Circumferential limb burns
  • Burn patients are managed in a designated ward with isolation and dressing facilities. Nursing staff in our burn unit are trained in burn wound management. Our skin bank enables processing and storage of human allograft skin for the management of extensive burns.



    surgical bath

    Surgical bath

    skin bank

    Skin bank

    Facial trauma
  • Facial bone fracture
  • Soft tissue injury
  • As a tertiary referral center and trauma center, we are frequently faced with patients who present with various degrees of facial injuries.


    1. Facial fracture

    A. Pre-operative CT scan. B. Post-operative CT scan.


    2. Severed facial nerve requiring interposition nerve graft

    Skin cancer
  • Basal cell carcinoma
  • Squamous cell carcinoma
  • Melanoma
  • Angiosarcoma
  • Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans
  • Resection of head and neck basal cell carcinoma followed by reconstruction:

    Breast reconstruction
  • Immediate / Secondary


  • Autologous tissue
      • Pedicle
        • Transverse Rectus Abdominus Myocutaneous (TRAM) flap
        • Latissimus dorsi myocutaneous flap
      • Free tissue transfer
        • Fat graft
        • Free TRAM flap
        • Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator (DIEP) flap
  • Implant


  • Nipple areolar reconstruction

  • Body contouring
  • Facial rejuvenation


  • Brachioplasty


  • Mastopexy


  • Abdominoplasty


  • Thigh lift


  • Lipo-contouring

  • Facial reanimation
  • Dynamic


  • Static

  • Training

    Queen Mary Hospital is a fully accredited training centre for plastic surgical training by the College of Surgeons of Hong Kong. The Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery offers opportunities for local and international fellows and students to attach and learn with the team. Globally-renowned professors are invited to give lectures from time to time. Various courses, including cadaveric and animal dissection workshops, are regularly organized.

    Date Course
    2014 Plastic Surgery Microvascular Course
    2015 Wound Care & Plastic Surgery Symposium in Macau Kiang Wu Hospital & Tung Wah Hospital
    2016 Plastic Surgery Microvascular Course
    2017 Facial nerve symposium
    Clinical session

    Outpatient consultations are provided on the 4th floor, Block S, Queen Mary Hospital. Private patients are seen on the 1st floor, Block J, Queen Mary Hospital by appointment.

    Clinic Schedule
    Plastic Surgery Clinic (General)

    Tuesday am

    Thursday pm

    Bariatric Clinic Tuesday am
    Cleft Clinic Friday am
    Craniofacial Clinic Thursday pm
    Facial Nerve Clinic Thursday pm
    Lymphoedema Clinic Tuesday am
    Scar Clinic Tuesday am

    Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

    Division Chief

    Dr. Velda Ling-Yu CHOW 周令宇


    Honorary Clinical Associate Professor 

    • MBBS(HK), MS(HK), MRCSEd, FCSHK, FHKAM(Surgery)
    phone (852) 2255 2208
    email  Publications
    Staff List
    Name Title Position Staff types Telephone Email
    Dr. Joseph Hon-Ping CHUNG
    Division member Consultant (Part-time) / Honorary Clinical Associate Professor Hospital Authority staff (852) 2255 2208 ---
    Dr. Valerie Wai-Yee HO
    Division member Associate Consultant Hospital Authority staff (852) 2255 2208 ---
    Dr. George Chung-Ching LEE
    Division member Associate Consultant Hospital Authority staff (852) 2255 2208 ---
    Dr. Melody Man-Kuen WONG
    Division member Associate Consultant Hospital Authority staff (852) 2255 2208 ---
    Network Units:
    Tung Wah Hospital Gleneagles Hospital The University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital