Post-graduate Studies

Prospective Supervisors for Research Postgraduate Students
Professor SWK CHENG Vascular disease and surgery
Professor KM CHU Gastroduodenal surgery
Professor A KWONG Breast cancer and surgery
Professor B LANG Endocrine surgery
Professor SYK LAW Esophageal surgery
Professor WL LAW Colorectal surgery
Professor GKK LEUNG Neurosurgery
Professor CM LO Liver transplantation
Professor K MAN Liver graft injury and liver cancer
Professor ESW NGAN Stem Cells, Singalling, Developmental Biology
Professor PKH TAM Paediatric surgery
Dr. JYW CHAN Head and Neck surgery
Dr. WK AU Cardiothoracic surgery
Dr. HP CHUNG Plastic and reconstructive surgery
Dr. MK YIU Urology
Dr. WK HO Otorhinolaryngology (Ear, Nose & Throat)
Dr. VCH LUI Developmental Biology, Stem Cells, Transgenic and knockout mice
Breast Cancer
  • Breast cancer genetics, biomarkers and translational research
  • Epidemiological and psychosocial studies in breast disease
  • Oncological clinical trials

Contact Person:
Professor A. Kwong
Tel: 2255 4773
Fax: 2817 2291

Colorectal Surgery
  • Metastasis and chemoresistance of colorectal cancer

Contact Person:
Professor W.L. Law
Tel: 2255 4763/ 2255 4764
Fax: 2872 8425

Endocrine Surgery
  • Clinicopathologic studies of thyroid carcinoma
  • Cycloxygenase in thyroid carcinoma
  • VEGF-C, p16, CDK4 and TGFa in thyroid cancer
  • Ret-PTC oncogene expression in papillary thyroid carcinoma
  • Thyroid cancer genetics, biomarkers and translational research
  • Epidemiological and psychosocial studies in thyroid diseases

Contact Person:
Professor B.H.H. Lang
Tel: 2255 4232
Fax: 2817 2291

Esophageal and gastric Cancers
  • Animal cancer models
  • Treatment resistance mechanism
  • New biomarkers and treatments
  • Epigenetic studies
  • Bioimaging

Contact Person (Esophageal cancer):
Professor S. Law
Tel: 2255 4774
Fax: 2819 4221

Contact Person (Gastric cancer):
Professor K.M. Chu
Tel: 2255 4637
Fax: 2819 4221

Head and Neck Cancers/ ENT
  • Epigenetics
  • Immunology
  • Biological therapy

Contact Person (Head and Neck Cancer):
Dr. J.Y.W. Chan
Tel: 2255 4583
Fax: 2818 4407

Contact Person (ENT):
Dr. Raymond Tsang
Tel: 2255 4394
Fax: 2818 4407

Liver Transplantation and Liver Regeneration
  • Immune-mediated liver injury during liver transplantation
  • Marginal graft injury during liver transplantation
  • Biomarker, mechanism and treatment on disease recurrence after liver transplantation
  • Mechanism and therapeutic implication of liver regeneration
Liver Cancer
  • Mechanism of hepatitis B virus infection
  • New biomarkers and treatments for liver cancer
  • Carcinogenesis, metastasis and chemoresistance of liver cancer
  • Cancer immunology
  • Next generation sequencing studies of liver cancer

Contact Person:
Professor K. Man
Tel: 3917 9646

  • Neuro-regenerative therapy
  • Neurotrauma
  • Malignant brain tumor

Contact Person:
Professor G.K.K. Leung
Tel: 2255 3368/ 2255 3773
Fax: 2818 4350

Molecular mechanistic study of developmental disorders and cancers commonly found in child
  • Molecular genetic study of Hirschsprung's disease and other related neurocristopathies
  • Molecular study of enteric nervous system development
  • Neural crest stem cells Biology
  • Molecular genetic study of anorectal malformations
  • Cancer study and therapy
  • Molecular genetic study of biliary atresia
  • Tumor stem/initiating cells
  • Nanomedicine in wound healing and regeneration

Contact Person:
Dr V.C.H. Lui
Tel: 3917 9607
Fax: 2819 9621

Professor P.K.H. Tam
Tel: 2255 4850/ 2255 3536
Fax: 2817 3155

Urology Cancer
  • Mechanisms of tumorigenesis
  • Epigenetic studies
  • Next generation sequencing studies
  • Biomarkers for renal cell cancers
  • Treatment for prostate cancer disease

Contact Person:
Dr. Wayne Lam
Tel: 2255 3023
Fax: 2872 8425

Departmental Requirements:

Students are required to attend and present at departmental research meetings and research laboratory meetings.

DRPC Chairperson:
Professor K Man